Top Five Tips for Dealing With Peer Pressure

So, adding an advice section to this blog is something that I have been thinking about doing for a while. I think it is something that everyone can use, and something that everyone can benefit from. I know for myself personally, reading posts like this can be extremely beneficial, and in many instances, they have helped me get through something that I am struggling with or I simply just don’t understand. Which is why I have decided to add this section now.

Peer Pressure is something that a person will encounter at least once in his/her life, if you are lucky it is only one time, if you are like me though, it is always an ever present force. Especially when you are a college student, and you have specific social constructions you are meant to adhere to. You can encounter it in positive, whenever it probably truly benefits you to listen to your peers, and negative, whenever it may not benefit your well-being. This post isn’t about dealing with those positive instances, that will be for another post, this one is about the negative side of peer pressure, whenever your peers try to pressure you into doing things that you either just don’t want to do, or it may actually be dangerous to do it. Whether you are feeling pressure to drink because all of your friends are and you want that sense of belonging, or even worse, you are at a party and you are on the receiving end of unwanted advances, these five tips not only helped me survive college social situations, but many high school ones as well. In the future, I expect that they will help me yet again, which is why I decided to pass them along.

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Finals Week Preparation Tips

keep-calm-and-survive-finals-weekSo, I have fallen off the face of the planet for the past two weeks, and I am deeply sorry for that. With school coming to a close for the semester, and the holidays rapidly approaching, finding time to edit and post videos and blog entries has been extremely difficult. Thankfully, as I am now back in my humble one room abode for the evening, I figured I would give you all some tips about finals week, and how to keep calm and carry on through an extremely stressful time of the year.

1. Plan out your week. 
Keep a calendar of all the important days you need to remember. When you don’t have class every single day, you will lose track of which day is which and may potentially miss something important. Believe me, I know. I one time had to makeup a final because I got my dates mixed up (thank goodness for a nice professor). So, try to keep a calendar, and reminders in your phone that will remind you when you have things, and set the reminders to go off, 2 days in advance, 1 day in advance, 12 hours in advance, and then one half an hour before hand so that there is no way you will lose track of time.
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How to Get Backstage of a Concert

So, my school recently had an event that Andy Grammer, singer of “Fine by Me”, “Keep Your Head Up”, and “Miss Me”, performed at. I ended up getting backstage because I was shooting picture for my school’s yearbook, and let me just tell you, it was so much fun. So, besides showing you all some pictures from the concert, I’m also going to give you a few tips on how to get backstage of a concert.

1. Win a contest: Radio stations have contests all the time for concerts coming into your area, and sometimes they even include backstage passes. So, if you hear about one, and they are asking you a difficult question, google the answer, and then call it in!

2. Get a camera, and become a photographer: The way that I got backstage was by taking pictures for an event that could get backstage, so maybe you could all do that too. Get involved in your school’s newspaper, or yearbook, or if they have committees that plan events like this, do that! Not only do you get to go backstage, but you get to meet a ton of new people just because you have to put their names in the caption.

3. Write for a newspaper: Sometimes they will grant local, and school newspapers access to the backstage area so that they can interview people and what not. Now, this job is not all fun and games, because if you are like me and “fan out” on famous people, it can be slightly challenging to interview someone if you cannot speak, cannot stop screaming, or if you faint. So beware of this. At least if you are a photographer, you do not have to talk to anyone!

4. If you are so inclined, buy them: Although they can be extremely pricey, if they are your absolute favorite artist, or 1D, I say go for it. That is a once in a lifetime experience and nobody wants to miss that. If they are a much smaller band, such as some local groups, they some times g=come out into the crowd after their set to sell merchandise, or just watch the rest of the concert. Although you may meet them while they are still local, for all you know they could be huge one day!

Those are my main tips for getting backstage of a concert, so here we go with some photos from the concert:

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Be Kind & Be Loving!




The Swing of Things

I figured in the few minutes that I have before my next class I would write a quick blog post on the importance of developing habits. It takes 30 days to create a habit, and about as long to break them, but the importance of creating habits is making sure they are good ones. Like one of mine is drinking hot tea every morning on my way to class or work. It keeps me energized, and makes me have a happier morning. Another one is trying to stay organized while I’m at school. The cleaner you are, the less cluttered your mind is.

Although I do have these good habits, I do have quite a few bad ones, one of them being procrastination. So what I have tried to do is create incentives for myself to get everything I need to get done, quite frankly, done. So, here are a few tips that I have for keeping myself from procrastinating, so I can get my work done and write posts.

1. Take good notes: I have to read a lot for class, and when I read, I try to take good notes because when I do, I have less to do later. If you take good notes in class, that will make studying later just that much easier. Instead of having to look up topics in the book, they will already be written down! Continue reading

Tips to Start off College Right

I know some of you maybe starting college in the next year or two, or you may be starting college right now. Either way, I figured I would share with you some of my best tips on how to start off college the right way from an college senior to an incoming first-year, or any age person for that matter.

1. Meet as many people as you can. Going to college for the first time is a completely foreign experience to everyone there. The other first-years are just as nervous as you, and you can use that as an ice breaker if you don’t know how to talk to someone. Like if you are lost on campus within the first few days, you can go up to anyone, upperclassman or not, and say “Wow, I am so lost, can you point me in the right direction?” and it may just spark a conversation. Maybe you two are going in the same direction, and they can walk with you. Some of my best friends in my senior year I met within those first few days of school whenever we were still lost and confused freshmen. By not going out there, you could be missing the peanut butter to your jelly, or the fluffer to your nutter. My closest friends are almost all people I met my freshman year, so go find your clique, and never ever let them go because they will be friends for life.

2. Start the year right by starting classes with your room already organized. If everything in your room has a place to go, and you don’t start off the year with boxes all over the room, you are more likely to keep it that clean for the rest of the year. Clutter can be a distraction if you are trying to work, sleep, or just hanging out with your friends. Make your room your sanctuary, and keep it that way. It is okay to have a few things out of place, but each night, try to make a point to put everything back where it belongs, so you can start off with a clean slate the next day.  Continue reading