Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


This mascara has been getting so much hype that I felt it was necessary for me to try it out and tell you my honest opinion. Even though the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara  might have a shocking name to some, and a shocking price tag for others, as it costs $23, which is reasonable for more luxe brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Tarte, it is a pretty good mascara, although I am not sure if I would call it my absolute favorite, as what I want in a mascara changes as often as I change my underwear: daily. It is good enough that it will stay in my permanent collection, on my vanity, instead of being pushed into some drawer like so many other mascaras. To find out why, read through my pros and cons down below.



  • Volumizing: This is not  mascara that I would initially describe as lengthening. It is definitely one that I would consider to be more of a volumizing mascara. It does an excellent job at lifting the lashes, not as much separating them as it makes them look full and black. It kinda gives you the baby doll lashes look, but with a rocker swing to it, if that makes sense.
  • Long lasting: At the end of the day, this mascara is still chilling on my face, and thankfully I don’t have to spend a century rinsing it off. Whether that is due to my amazing cleanser, or this mascara, I am not sure, either way it does a pretty good job through the whole day.
  • Very Black: I am not a fan of those black brown mascaras. If I am going to wear mascara and make myself look like I have lashes, go big or go home y’all. I want them to be big and bold and black. This mascara definitely accomplishes all three of those things.
  • AS OF MARCH 17TH, 2016 IT NOW COMES IN A WATERPROOF FORMULA. If you cannot tell, I am extremely excited about this. I need my face to stay put when I get anywhere near water. Ain’t nobody got time for streaky eyes.



  • It does fall a bit as you wear it: Now, this could just have something to do with my concealer routine, but this mascara gives me that grey shadow under my eyes after a few hours from mascara fallout. And you do have to wipe that shadow away, which always has me worrying that I’m going to ruin my lower lash line as I wipe that shadow away.
  • Not a lengthening mascara: If you want long, separated lashes that reach for the heavens, then this mascara is not for you. It really is a volumizing mascara, it makes them a smidgeon longer (In my opinion), but it will not make your lashes reach for Jesus.
  • Can be clumpy: I am always very careful when applying this mascara if I do not want clumpy mascara, as this one has a tendency to get a little clumpy as you are putting it one. If you don’t want clumps, one will be all you need, but if you are going for that Rocker, clumpy lash look, pack it on like Thanksgiving Dinner, people.
  • Drier: This is a more dry mascara, as compared to other ones like the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, which I would definitely say is a more wet mascara. The reason I say that this is a bad thing, even though I know so many people like drier mascaras, I personally do not because if they are drier to start out, I feel like they dry out faster, and this one I feel like has definitely dried out relatively quickly, in comparison to my Urban Decay one. ( I will also point out here that I am also bad and keep them past their 2 month expiration date. I feel like if I’m the only one using them, and they don’t smell rank, I can get away with it. Scold me if you must.)
  • Price: This mascara does costs $23.00. I will also point out that it is a good enough mascara that I can rationalize spending that much on it, as I do really like this mascara.

Even with all of these cons, I still do really like this mascara. I feel like it gives your eyes an edgier look, like it makes you look like you are out at a rock concert or something like that. I don’t see it as a mascara that is extremely polished and proper, but I do see it as one that many people will love. It really is an excellent mascara that I do enjoy wearing, and I highly recommend that you go and try it out, as mascara is such an individual thing that you really have to go and try out a variety of kinds before you find your holy grail.

What is your favorite mascara at the moment? Let me know down in the comments below!

Be Kind and Be Loving!



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