Tweezer Battle: Crown Brush vs. Avon


So, in my ipsy glam bag this past month, I received a pair of Tweezers from Crown Brush. (If you have yet to see that video click here to see my first impression.) I decided to take them on vacation with me so that i could finally test them out, and I finally did. Here, I will be comparing them to my favorite pair of tweezers: the Avon Expert Precision Tweezers, which I have had for a few years, and own multiple pairs of. So keep reading to see what the pros and cons of each pair are.


So the Crown Brush Tweezers come in a variety of shades as one can see baby pink happens to be one of those shades. They come in black, hot pink, zebra, and maybe one or two other patterns. They have a slanted tip, although on the inside they do have a decently sized flat part, and the tweezers are very straight, with very little curve to the metal.

Pros :

  • The fun colors that allow you to show just a little bit of personality
  • The slanted tip adds a little bit extra precision
  • The flatter part on the inside is great for gripping lashes because it gives you more surface area to hold them with
  • The straight edge is optimal for applying lashes as it gives you nice, straight precision that helps you get a very close application.


  • The increased surface area of the inside actually makes it harder to tweeze your brows. When i was using them on my brows, I was really struggling to pull out small individual brow hairs
  • Because they are so sleek, your hands slide a little when you try to use them
  • The straight metal on the sides, yet again makes it a little bit more difficult to work on your brows.


These tweezers feature a slanted tip as well as a nice squishy pad so that you can more easily grip them. They also have more of a curve to them than the crown brush tweezers. Although these tweezers are no longer available on their website, many an Avon representative has a whole stash of these that you can purchase from them. Contact your representative to see if they have any.

Pros :

  • The squishy padding makes it great to get a no slip hold so that you can grip small hairs without your hand sliding
  • The slanted tip has a very small base behind it, much smaller than the Crown Brush tweezers, which makes it yet again, great at gripping very tiny individual hairs
  • The curved metal on the sides makes these tweezers excellent for the brows, as it curves in ever so slightly at the end so that you can more easily reach those hard to reach hairs (like ones right on the edge of your brow that if you slip, you could take out your brow shape)


  • The tweezers have such thin metal on the end, hence whey they are called precision tweezers that they are very difficult to grip lashes with, they fall right out of your hand.
  • They have squishy pads on the inside, and the outside of the squishy tweezers. Why do they need to be on the inside? No one will ever hold them there.

SIde-by-Side-Tweezers-1Overall, both of these tweezers work best for different functions. The Crown Brush tweezers are excellent for lashes, with that nice flat back part to the tweezers and the straight metal, but they are not very good for brows. The Avon Tweezers, on the other hand, are prefect for brows and awful when it comes to lashes, partially because they are too pointy, and they don’t have enough grip behind the tweezer to hold onto a lash. What’s great about both pairs is that they function very well for different things. You can use one for one thing and one for another. The issue is if you are travelling, you then would have to carry two pairs of tweezers, which is rather redundant. If I could only pick one to travel with, it would be my Avon ones. I can survive without fake lashes, but my brows must always be on fleek.

What are your favorite tweezers to use? Do you have any ones that are great for lashes and brows? Let me know down in the comment section below!

Be Kind & be Loving!




8 thoughts on “Tweezer Battle: Crown Brush vs. Avon

  1. Great post Rach ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately I can shed nooo light whatsoever on recommending tweezers huni as I’ve had the same pair for about 20 flippin years lol Really enjoyed reading this ๐Ÿ™‚ Karen xo


    • Thanks dearie! And I’m the same way. I only tried this other pair because it came in my ipsy, otherwise I would’ve stuck with the same three pairs of identical tweezers I already have (which I own just in case I lose a pair, so I have a backup)!!

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