Sock Demons | A Random Rachel Rant

If you have felt the wrath of the sock demons, please, tell me how you banished them back to their realm down below.

Here is a link to the webpage I talked about:

If you enjoy watching me talk about weird things, like sock demons, I have plenty of rants where this comes from, so make sure to comment down below.

If you have any video recommendations, please make sure to also comment down below.

Also, start guessing as to what my upcoming project is!! Super excited!!

Be Kind & Be Loving!



Sock Demon Update: As of 7 or 8 months later, I never found those missing socks, and at this point I probably never will due to the fact that I do not live where I lost the socks at anymore. On top of that, upon finding this blog post, I realized how truly weird I am, but quite frankly, we are all a bit weird. So you must embrace that weirdness and share it with everyone.

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