New Nail Look

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Here is one of my new fave fall nail looks! I used 2 essie polishes for this look, one from their fall collection (the deep red which is called dressed to kilt) and one from their luxe effects collection, called jazzy jubilant. I happen to be a massive fan of glitter on the nails. I think it adds just an extra little blot of fun, and I think it covers up chips, and mistakes better than a solid color alone.

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My September Favorites 2014

I know it is a few days early, but, my August favorites were a few days late, so this is the middle ground between the two. I will definitely try to get my october favorites out on the first of November (although no guarantee). Let me know if you like any of the products that I talk about in this video, and if you have any recommendations for products I should try, write them down in the comments below! All links to these products are down below! Continue reading

#HeForShe and Emma Watson

As I was scrolling through BuzzFeed yesterday, I stumbled upon Emma Watson’s speech that she gave at the UN for the HeForShe campaign as a United Nations GoodWill Ambassador. Although I originally clicked on the link due to the fact that I am a massive Harry Potter fan, like so many people will probably do, the speech that this recent college graduate made in regards to the feminist movement I believe will have a major impact on the conversation that was previously occurring with a bit of, as Miss Watson said, a “Man-Hating” attitude. Moving the conversation away from such a disagreeable and finger pointing theory saying “oh men did this and men did that, so we should just move the power away from them” towards a conversation that says “you know what, why shouldn’t I make as much money as my male counterpart who is just as capable as I am simply because I was born with 2 X chromosomes? Maybe, instead we should just break gender stereotypes as a whole”.

If we stopped associating specific character traits with a specific gender, and we just let people be who they are just based on their individual personality, not based on what gender they are born as, I think our society would be better as a whole. Why should a man be judged for joining a profession that is generally seen as a female profession, such as nursing, or staying at home to take care of the kids?  Why should a man not be able to cook and clean in the house even though he lives there too? And why shouldn’t a man be allowed to enjoy a cookie crumble frappacino simply because it is a “girly drink”? Continue reading

How to Get Backstage of a Concert

So, my school recently had an event that Andy Grammer, singer of “Fine by Me”, “Keep Your Head Up”, and “Miss Me”, performed at. I ended up getting backstage because I was shooting picture for my school’s yearbook, and let me just tell you, it was so much fun. So, besides showing you all some pictures from the concert, I’m also going to give you a few tips on how to get backstage of a concert.

1. Win a contest: Radio stations have contests all the time for concerts coming into your area, and sometimes they even include backstage passes. So, if you hear about one, and they are asking you a difficult question, google the answer, and then call it in!

2. Get a camera, and become a photographer: The way that I got backstage was by taking pictures for an event that could get backstage, so maybe you could all do that too. Get involved in your school’s newspaper, or yearbook, or if they have committees that plan events like this, do that! Not only do you get to go backstage, but you get to meet a ton of new people just because you have to put their names in the caption.

3. Write for a newspaper: Sometimes they will grant local, and school newspapers access to the backstage area so that they can interview people and what not. Now, this job is not all fun and games, because if you are like me and “fan out” on famous people, it can be slightly challenging to interview someone if you cannot speak, cannot stop screaming, or if you faint. So beware of this. At least if you are a photographer, you do not have to talk to anyone!

4. If you are so inclined, buy them: Although they can be extremely pricey, if they are your absolute favorite artist, or 1D, I say go for it. That is a once in a lifetime experience and nobody wants to miss that. If they are a much smaller band, such as some local groups, they some times g=come out into the crowd after their set to sell merchandise, or just watch the rest of the concert. Although you may meet them while they are still local, for all you know they could be huge one day!

Those are my main tips for getting backstage of a concert, so here we go with some photos from the concert:

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Fall Makeup Haul 2014

Hey guys! I went a little crazy with all of the makeup sales going on, so I figured I would do a video for you all on my purchases! Let me all know what you think of the products I bought in the comments below! Also, make sure to check out the YouTube page that all of these videos are on, and hit subscribe to make sure you get my weekly updates! I’ve got a great video coming out next weekend that you all will LOVE!

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Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eye Studio


So, I bought this product like last year, and after using it a few times, it just sat in my makeup collection until recently when I tried it again and remembered why it sat. Although Color Tattoo looks great when you first put it on, after about an hour or two, most of the pigment shifts to your crease and you are left with a tattoo line that everyone can see when you blink.

I am usually a fan of Maybelline products, as I love their The Falsies Mascara (such an oldie but goodie), and I do have a few of their lipsticks, the Color Tattoo failed to impress, and even though the pigmentation is great, as it gives nice, bold shimmery colors, this really doesn’t last like they advertise.

For all I know though, I may just not be using it right. If you have gotten these eye shadows to last like they say, please write in the comments below what I need to do! Thanks!

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The Liebster Award


I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Allison of All Shook Up! So thanks for that girl! I am so honored to be nominated by you for this and I am so excited to accept this award, and then pass it along! This award is a great way for people to discover new blogs popping up in the blogging community!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank and link the person/people who nominated you.
2. Display the Liebster Award and the rules.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Write 11 facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers).
6. Write 11 new questions for your nominees.

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