Teaching Men about Spatial Organization

I recently had a very interesting experience.

I texted one of my guy friends asking what he was up to whenever I had a break from all of my meetings, and he texted me back saying that he was organizing his room, me assuming he just meant that he was organizing all the little tidbits and bobbles within his room, took this as an invitation to tell him that I was visiting. Whenever I finally reach their room, I discover that my friend and his roommate are still just working on configuring their furniture within the space that they have, and their futon is still chilling in the hallway, and there are about eight different frat boys trying to figure out how to arrange all of this.

Now that I had already made my friend come downstairs to let me in, and discovered this mess upon entering, I couldn’t simply just leave. One, it would be considered rude to walk in see the mess, and walk out, and two, my OCD of simply being female and seeing a massive mess created by a bunch of boys kicked in, and I had to help them. May I also mention at this point the debate I walked in on was my friend’s roommate deciding if he wanted a double bed or not, and their room cannot simply handle 3 bed frames, a futon, a TV, a stand for the TV, 2 desks, 2 wardrobes, and 2 dressers all at the same time. This situation was begging for some female help.

I vehemently informed them that I will help them organize all of their furniture while they proceeded to open bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Angry Orchard apple cider, the most manly drinks there are. I informed them that they needed to get their cases of beer out of the room so that we would have space to move the furniture around. They proceeded to pull one six pack of each out of the case, and then hand the rest to one of the frat bros to put in his fridge and freezer until theirs cooled down.  Continue reading

No. 4 Lumière d’hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect

IMG_0842I received this product in my Birchbox for the month of July in a little sample size, and I must I loved it enough to purchase a big bottle of it. My hair is long and fine, and before this having the windows open in the car, or just a windy day in general was a travesty! My hair would get so many knots in it that i had to always carry a comb in my bag. Basically it was awful. I have tried other leave in conditioners before, but they all seemed lackluster at best. I still had issues with leaving the window open and hell hath no fury like my hair on a windy day. 

Now, I must say, I am seeing dramatic improvements. I spray this in my hair immediately after getting out of the shower, before brushing my hair out, with a little bit of an argan oil on the ends of my hair to prevent breakage, and I’m good for the day! No tangles. no combs needed after combing it the first time, and no fidgety Rachel in her 8 AM class because her hair is driving her nuts. This product gets two thumbs up in my book, and I can’t wait to try other things from them!

Be Kind & Be Loving!




Tips to Start off College Right

I know some of you maybe starting college in the next year or two, or you may be starting college right now. Either way, I figured I would share with you some of my best tips on how to start off college the right way from an college senior to an incoming first-year, or any age person for that matter.

1. Meet as many people as you can. Going to college for the first time is a completely foreign experience to everyone there. The other first-years are just as nervous as you, and you can use that as an ice breaker if you don’t know how to talk to someone. Like if you are lost on campus within the first few days, you can go up to anyone, upperclassman or not, and say “Wow, I am so lost, can you point me in the right direction?” and it may just spark a conversation. Maybe you two are going in the same direction, and they can walk with you. Some of my best friends in my senior year I met within those first few days of school whenever we were still lost and confused freshmen. By not going out there, you could be missing the peanut butter to your jelly, or the fluffer to your nutter. My closest friends are almost all people I met my freshman year, so go find your clique, and never ever let them go because they will be friends for life.

2. Start the year right by starting classes with your room already organized. If everything in your room has a place to go, and you don’t start off the year with boxes all over the room, you are more likely to keep it that clean for the rest of the year. Clutter can be a distraction if you are trying to work, sleep, or just hanging out with your friends. Make your room your sanctuary, and keep it that way. It is okay to have a few things out of place, but each night, try to make a point to put everything back where it belongs, so you can start off with a clean slate the next day.  Continue reading

Moving Back to School!

Well, it is time for my senior year, and after that, I’ve got to join the real world with a big girl job, but I had the chance to organize and move in a dorm room one final time. This time, I’m living in a single, with a full bathroom (which I will not be showing photos of because the bathroom walls are a very ugly yellow, and I’m not proud of being stuck with yellow walls. Thanks University for that one). And, i organized all of my stuff in record time, with it only taking six hours from a fully packed car, to a well put together dorm room. Today, I’m just going to post a few photos of what I’ve got, and I have a few spots that need something on the walls, but it is pretty much done! If you would like me to go into closer detail of everything that I have, let me know because I also have a new camera to take everything on as well! So for now, because I’m exhausted I will just post some overview shots of the whole room. Let me know in the comments what you think, and if you would like me to focus in on one area, or talk about a specific thing you see, such as my lovely Union Jack pillow that I purchased at Primark in London, let me know in the comments!

Rachel Dorm Room Senior Year 1

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Addressing Name Changes

So, I know for some of my previous followers (the small little number that you are) I figured I would address the fact that I changed the name of my blog, and as to why I did it. There are 3 simple reasons:

The first one being I didn’t think the name was broad enough to actually talk about everything I would like to talk about on here. With Fashionista Rachel, I could really only talk about Fashion and topics surrounding that such as body image, and makeup products, since those belong to relatively the same world as fashion. Continue reading

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: Repurchased and in the Mail


Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

First things first, I figured I should apologize for disappearing for such a long time. Quite frankly, I didn’t have any reviews of products to write because I’ve been busy trying to use things up that i have had for, well, years. Sorry about that, but I’m back now with a new face product review.

I received this product in my Birchbox like 2 months ago, and I have finally used up the tiny little sample that they gave me. All I have to say, is I am severely depressed about it because I absolutely loved this product. Although, not a completely natural product, it has papaya, aloe, and these little micro-crystals that just rub the skin away. At first when you use it, it may hurt just a tiny little bit simply because you are not used to the little crystals, but after one use, you won’t feel them anymore. I just feel like it gives my face a really nice clean, and it takes away all of the dead skin cells that are just chilling there. On top of that, after using it every other day for almost 2 months, I feel like my face doesn’t get nearly as oily as it used to and it just feels more balanced.

So, I give this product five stars, and I’ve already reordered it. The Canadians killed it on this one. That’s it for now!

Be Kind & Be Loving!