Let’s Talk About Something.

So, I’m not really sure where this post is going, I’ve got at least five or six different ideas of what I want to talk about, and as I write this, my brain is scrambling to choose one. So, I’m going to pause for a moment, choose one, and then keep writing….

Okay, so, I just want to touch a little bit on how our world tries to morph and define what is considered beautiful. I understand the scientific definition of what is considered beautiful, and generally, beauty is whatever is considered symmetrical, like a flower, or an orange, but beauty is something that goes deeper than that. Beauty isn’t just an aesthetic, it is a process. Beauty cannot be created from nothing, it has to grow and develop, like a seed turning into a flower. The seed isn’t what we consider to be the epitome of beauty, but what it creates, is considered one of the most beautiful things that our world has.

Mankind is the same way. We aren’t beautiful just by existing, we make ourselves beautiful by what we do, by what we want to be. Beauty, despite what some may think isn’t just on the surface, and it isn’t “within” us, it’s in our dreams, aspirations, hopes and desires. It’s in our ideas, it’s in our personalities, and its in our passions. Continue reading

I disappeared!

I know! I disappeared for a little while, but Europe got busy! So, sorry for that! I’m back in America now, still slightly confused when I hear the English language, but at least it is home. After an 8 hour flight back across the pond, we landed in none other than the beautiful New York City where I fortunately got to spend the whole weekend with my amazing sister. After returning to America, the loud city made for an easier transition back into life, all of the noise of the city is something that you get used to after living in a city in France. Now, I am back home in Pittsburgh.

As for things that I have done since I got back, let’s start with my new internship! I am now a Social Media and Marketing Intern for a company called Day2Night Fashion . All of the products are not only ingenious, but they are multi-wear. They have bracelets with hidden hair elastics, skirts that you can change the length of, shoes that can be different heights, and rings that are also hair accessories. Basically, it doesn’t get better than that. I get to sit at home, create graphics on Photoshop, and now I’m setting up a photo shoot. This is such an amazing job, and an amazing opportunity. Continue reading