• about me

    i guess since i am starting this whole blogging thing, i should prolly introduce myself. before i even begin, my post will not be formal. i’d imagine them as if you were reading a txt. i want my post to be as authentic as possible, i just wanna be me. after all i am typing these by myself chillin in my cozy bed lol. i want the reader to feel comfortable as if we have been friends for years.

    lets get into it yuh ( lol cant help but start singing this song in my head).. i shall be introduced as rachel or rach for short, however my full name is Rachel Nichole Lane Thomas. 4 names is wild lol but i also stunt with it too. ” whats your full name rachel? ” she replies confidently, ” oh its rachel nichole lane thomas ” haha like im important or something (sarcasm).. my age you ask (: i am 22, but i turn 23 on the best day of summer which is August 17. still feels unreal to me that im turning 23, ughh time needs to sloooow down.

    i live in a small town in mississippi that i will not be mentioning due to, (whispers) “creepersss” .. to be honest i do love small town livin but i do get bored sometimes. the only thing i really complain about my small town is that our drive thru quality suckssss and there is not enough local restaurants to go have dinner at.

    2017 i graduated from east union attendance center, home of the urchins. i absolutely love and adore that school and will never have a bad thing to say about it. it gifted me my bestfriends for life and i could not be more thankful. i will prolly make a post about my life at EU in the future. anyways, i attended EU since i was a cute lil 4 yr old, emotional-puberty crazed 12-13 yr old, allll the way to a glowed up 17 yr old, lol jr high is always an awkward phase of life for anyone.

    i am PROUD to say that i am a christian and Jesus is my savior, without that connection i wouldnt have any purpose towards life but with his abundance love He saved me and for that i will forever be grateful for my life. i will also be making christian themed posts as well, bc He gave me this passion to make this blog so i will be sharing His word on this platform. i just love Him ❤

    lets dive into the things that i love and love doing. first, i loveeee fashion. i love the feeling i get when i have a cute fit on, i feel so confident and am in the greatest mood. i enjoy getting on pinterest and adding fit inspo to my style folder, it might just be a girl thing but it makes my feel good triggers spark!! i would say my style is a mix of comfort, simplicity, & overall cuteness. like the pinterest girl type of style ha iykyk.

    i love listening to music, its def my mood setter on my way to work or working out. i wanna feel hype, confident & ready to take on any task. if im cleaning my room, im listening to music. heck im listening to music rn while typing this, and my taste is pretty good bc i listen to about anything & everything.

    i got into gaming last year, bc my sweet bf is a gamer and after soooo many times of him trying to convince me to play the xbox with him, i finally did it & absolutely fell in love with it lol. our fav game ever to play together was overcooked, boy did it have me wanting to chunk the controller so many times, haha it got me heated. i have dived into the switch world now and i dont want to go back. ive been playing animal crossings for a while now, but O got me luigis mansion that ive been wanting and im saving to play it during october bc thats spooky season and the game is about luigi tackling ghost in a haunted mansion to save his friends. awesone right? yeah it is lol

    i love animals, if i was rich i would have a huge farm for any rescued animal and take care of them with the highest quality & it would be my dream!! it would be like visiting a cute petting zoo but with dogs, cats, goats, anything that needed a place to be rescued and to have a comfortable loving life.

    theres more to me but i will have to save it for later for future blog inspo.

    in all, im just an average small town girl just tackling life like all of all. this blog will be casual and not just focused on one niche, like fashion. i will write about fashion, food, animals, Jesus, and just anything i really feel like writing. like i said earlier its my place to escape and i really want it to be like that for yall as well! anywho, this has gotten pretty long now so im shuttin her down (: if you made it this far thank you so much for taking time to read it. i really appreciate it. if there is something you want me to write about just dm me on instagram @_.rachelthomas._ ttyl ❤